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High School Graduation Party Invitations

Graduation Party Invitations

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Are you wondering who you should send graduation party invitations to?

Some people are invited to the graduation party only and some are invited to the party AND graduation ceremony.

Decide who you want to invite to each and then how many invitations you will need to order.

Do you want close relatives and a few friends, or a large graduation party with many friends and relatives?

Graduation Announcements

For your graduation ceremony, you can order graduation announcements through your high school. Send these announcements to your close family members, even if you know they can't make it to the graduation ceremony.

  • Grandparents, close family members and out of town relatives should get an invitation to your high school graduation ceremony.
  • When you get your graduation announcements from your high school, instructions are included on how to address the envelopes. These are more formal.

Graduation Invites

For your high school graduation party or open house, your graduation party invitations are not as formal.

  • You can make your graduation invites yourself (however, if you want to use a senior picture on the invitation, first ask for a copyright release form from your photographer).
  • You can order your graduation party invitations from the photographer that took your senior pictures.
  • Include directions to your graduation party and a map.
  • Include a list of hotels for out of town guests (click here for a sample hotel list).
  • When addressing the envelopes, it can be less formal, such as "John and Jane Smith" or families can be "The Smith Family".
  • Order extra graduation party invitations for any last minute invites.
  • Print address labels for invitations; use the same list for thank you cards.
  • Print return address labels for invitations and thank you cards.

Graduation Invitation Wording

For my daughter's graduation party, we had custom made photo graduation invitations made by our photographer.

  • It was a 5x7 graduation party invitation.
  • The front had 5 senior pictures and the graduation party details.
  • The back had a 5x7 senior picture so that family and friends could keep the picture as a remembrance.
  • The graduation invitation wording we used was:
  • First and last name (and middle name if you want)
  • Name of high school and the year
  • Open House (or Graduation Party)
  • Date with the day of week and year
  • Street address of the graduation party with the city, state and zip code (this way if someone wants to mail a card they have the address right there)


When to send Graduation Party Invites

  • Graduation party invites should be mailed 3 weeks prior to the graduation party.
  • Have your invitations ready to go a week before that so they can be mailed on time. Ask your graduate to help with the invitations.
  • Include postage in your budget for the graduation party announcements.

Graduation Return Address Labels

  • You can make your own graduation party invitation return address labels by finding a graduation image and printing them off yourself, or you can order them.
  • Make or order enough return address labels for both your high school graduation party invitations and your thank you cards.

Graduation Thank You Cards

Send graduation thank you cards to those who gave a gift:

  • Send thank you cards within 2 weeks.
  • Thank you cards should be handwritten in blue or black ink.
  • If you are having a hard time getting your grad to write the thank you cards, offer to help and have the thank you cards, postage and return address labels ready.
  • Include postage in your budget for your thank you cards.
  • Include return address labels in your budget for your thank you cards (you can use the same labels you used for your graduation party invitations).

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