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High School Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Decorations

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Find high school graduation party ideas to set the mood for your party.

You'll want to pay a tribute to your high school graduate by having graduation decorations and party supplies.

High school graduation is a milestone you will want to celebrate, so make the party fun and memorable.

You'll want to honor your high school graduate with photo boards, trophies and mementos growing up.  

Graduation Party Supplies

Get graduation party supplies, decorations, favors and centerpieces early. Here are some graduation decoration ideas:

  • Graduation balloons and balloon bouquets can be used as graduation table decorations
  • Put graduation balloons outside to let guest's know where the party is
  • Get graduation yard signs with your graduate's name
  • Get custom made graduation banners with your graduate's name and the year - Get Personalized Banners including YOUR photos only at Shindgiz! Click here to get started!
  • Use graduation tableware - Save 5% on Graduation Decorations
  • Use graduation confetti on the tables
  • Graduation wristbands can be given out as graduation party favors
  • Get graduation party centerpieces
  • You can have a Luau graduation theme party - Save 15% on Luau Party Supplies
  • Graduation bottle labels can be used on water bottles
  • Graduation mint tins as graduation favors
  • Posters of the graduate can be made
  • Order a graduation life-size standup - Save 5% on Graduation Decorations
  • Graduation photo books can be placed around

Graduation Table Decorations

Decorate a table for guests to sign a graduation guest book in the entry of your house or party location.

You can decorate the table with a tablecloth and table skirt in your high school colors.

Some graduation table decorations:

  • Senior pictures
  • Photo boards with pictures from birth to high school
  • Photo albums or scrapbooks of the graduate
  • Graduation balloons with the high school name or high school colors
  • Graduation card box
  • Graduation guest book and/or a graduation signature mat with a frame and/or the Dr. Seuss book "Oh! The Places You'll Go"
  • Bouquet of flowers (the class flower or color of the class flower)
  • Medals
  • Diploma
  • Any certificates or awards
  • Trophies
  • Newspaper clippings

More Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

More graduation party decoration ideas:

  • Use tablecloths and table skirts in your school colors.
  • Look through old photos from birth through high school to make photo boards and scrapbooks:
  1. Try to find some photos from each year.
  2. To sort the pictures by years, buy 18 manila envelopes and label them with each year from the year your graduate was born to the year they graduate.
  3. When looking through photos, put the photos in the appropriate "year" envelope.
  4. Find photos of your graduate with every close relative and friend to share the memories growing up.
  5. Glue or tape the photos on photo boards and display on the table for your guests to enjoy.
  • If you already have photo albums of your graduate, put those out for guests to look at. Or, while going through old photos, add the photos to photo albums so your graduate can keep the photo albums after the graduation party.
  • Create and preserve a Smilebox scrapbook in minutes! Just drag photos, videos, music, and words into amazing scrapbook designs.
  • You can have other memorabilia of your graduate as graduation party decor:
  1. Sports jerseys
  2. Ballet costumes
  3. Prom dresses

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