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Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Planner will help you find high school graduation party ideas to throw a graduation party that your grad will love!

We'll walk you through the steps with graduation party ideas to make your life easier.

We have thrown two of our own high school graduation parties for our daughters and have helped many others plan their fun graduation party!

Years from now, friends and family will remember your high school graduation party as one of the most remarkable parties of the year! Your graduate will thank you! 

Enjoy. Have FUN. Congratulations!

Planning a Graduation Party

You'll want to start planning a graduation party at the beginning of the senior year. Give yourself about 6-8 months to plan your party, but if you are running out of time, you can still throw a great graduation party! (Read more)

How to Plan a Graduation Party on a Budget

You can plan your high school graduation party on a budget by using our Graduation Party Budget Worksheet to calculate the cost of your party. (Read more)

Graduation Party Checklist

Our Graduation Party Checklist will help you keep track of everything you need to DO for your graduation party. ? (Read more)

Graduation Party Invitations

Are you wondering who you should send graduation party invitations to? Some people are invited to the graduation party only and some are invited to the party AND graduation ceremony. (Read more)

How to Make a Hotel List for Out of Town Guests

You can insert a list of hotels in your graduation party invitations to make it easier for your out of town guests to attend your party. ... (Read more)

Graduation Decorations

You'll want to pay a tribute to your high school graduate by having graduation decorations and party supplies. Graduation party decorations set the mood for your party. ... (Read more)

Graduation Slideshow to Honor Your Graduate

A graduation slideshow is a great way to honor your graduate and guests love to watch it during your high school graduation party. Look for photos and video clips from birth through high school to ... (Read more)

Top Graduation Songs

Add the top graduation songs to your graduation slideshow to bring back memories of your graduate growing up. (Read more)

Graduation Party Food Ideas

You'll want to decide if you want to cater the graduation party food or make it yourself. Catering the food is much easier, but it is more expensive. ... (Read more)

Graduation Party Menu

My daughter's graduation party started at 4pm and went through the evening. We had it at our house in the backyard. It was an outdoor graduation party. We served about 200 people at the party. Most of the food was cooked and prepared by us. (Read more)

Good Graduation Gifts

When buying graduation gifts, you can buy personalized graduation gifts, unique gifts, graduation gifts for him or her, graduation keepsakes, gifts for college, jewelry, electronics, luggage and much more! ... (Read more)

Graduation Ceremony Ideas

Prepare for your high school graduation ceremony so you are not stressed and can enjoy this most important day! Here are some ideas to prepare you for graduation day: (Read more)

What to Write in Graduation Cards

Do you often wonder what to write in graduation cards after "Congratulations"? You can find some ideas here! ... (Read More)

Graduation Party Store through Amazon

You can find graduation party supplies through Amazon at our Graduation Party Store. We searched Amazon and found graduation party supplies for you to save you time! (Read more)

Graduation Party Discounts & Deals

You can find graduation party discounts & deals for invitations, decorations, songs, slideshows, food, gifts, college and more! You can save money! (Read more)

College Dorm Checklist

The high school graduation party is over and now it's time to go off to college! You can find a free college dorm checklist here for everything your graduate needs for college. (Read more)

Graduation Party Ideas Photo Gallery